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Two tourists will tour the Moon in seven days in 2018

Two tourists are scheduled to tour the Moon in a week in 2018 on the Dragon spacecraft as part of an initiative of the private US aerospace company SpaceX with support from the NASA space agency. SpaceX said today that they are two people who came to the company with that interest and that once […]

Uses and applications of drones in the future

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) or Drones, has increased substantially in recent years resulting in new applications and disrupting industries along the way. In this article we are going to comment on the lesser known but highly innovative uses of UAVs and how they will become […]

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The Espadrilles: How that still popular in Spanish shoes

The Espadrilles, espadrilles in English, are a popular Spanish flat shoes, with body of a piece and sewn to the soles of rope. Spanish shoes known as espadrilles are often called espadrilles in English. This word comes from the French, which in turn comes from the Catalan word: espardenya. Espardenya is derived from the Catalan […]

Tips for How to pruning trees efficiently for you Garden

Winter is the best time to pruning trees, if necessary, since being at rest will lose less sap. It is a simple operation, but it is necessary to know where and how to cut. If in doubt, better to consult before submitting an exemplary operation irreversible consequences. Selectively removing some branches of the tree’s growth […]

The CSIC designs a chip that detects AIDS in the first week

A team of researchers from the Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has developed a high-sensitivity chip that detects HIV one week after the infection appears, that is, in about half the time that devices on the market. Researchers are now working to make the chip also serve for the early detection of cancer. From infection […]

Discovery of exoplanets: NASA finds seven planets similar to Earth

A red dwarf star and around it, at least seven planets, very similar to the Earth, orbiting within what is considered its habitable zone. This is the discovery that European scientists, in collaboration with NASA, have announced this afternoon. Although the existence of this type of planetary systems was something expected, and promising in the […]

This artificial pancreas for diabetics would available in 2018

An artificial pancreas, or more accurately, a device that monitors the blood glucose of patients with type 1 diabetes and automatically adjusts the levels of insulin given to the body, could reach the first patients in the year 2018 if the necessary approval of the authorities is obtained. Good news for patients with type 1 […]

Five tips against eye strain in the office

About millions of people suffer daily dryness and eye fatigue as a result of frequent use of computers and electronic devices, especially in offices where lighting or ventilation conditions are not adequate. However, according to international studies, seven out of 10 adults assume the symptoms of visual fatigue as “normal” as the population has become […]