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Uses and applications of drones in the future

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also known as RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) or Drones, has increased substantially in recent years resulting in new applications and disrupting industries along the way. In this article we are going to comment on the lesser known but highly innovative uses of UAVs and how they will become […]

Two tourists will tour the Moon in seven days in 2018

Two tourists are scheduled to tour the Moon in a week in 2018 on the Dragon spacecraft as part of an initiative of the private US aerospace company SpaceX with support from the NASA space agency. SpaceX said today that they are two people who came to the company with that interest and that once […]

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Identify the genes that maize uses to adapt to climate changes

Scientists have identified maize genes that influence plant climate adaptation, growing season and blooming season, which can help crops to adapt to climate change, the International Maize Improvement Center Wheat (Cimmyt). “The study identified 100 genes, among the 40,000 that make up the maize genome, which influence adaptation to latitude, altitude, growth season and the […]

The Espadrilles: How that still popular in Spanish shoes

The Espadrilles, espadrilles in English, are a popular Spanish flat shoes, with body of a piece and sewn to the soles of rope. Spanish shoes known as espadrilles are often called espadrilles in English. This word comes from the French, which in turn comes from the Catalan word: espardenya. Espardenya is derived from the Catalan […]

Picture, the new language reduce the amount of coding

Today we will talk a bit about artificial intelligence and probabilistic programming, in addition, we will see the last one referring to both, it is about Picture. After what it is to turn what we say into text, now the artificial intelligence brings us the learning in the machines. How is this possible? It is […]

Scientists move toward using DNA as storage medium: 215 petabytes per gram

The growing need to store much of the data constantly generated by the information society has become a major challenge in terms of physical space, security and resources, but also capacity. A possible alternative to hard drives or the latest state-of-the-art solid state storage could be storage in synthetic DNA strings, a technique that began […]

What causes discomfort in contact lens wearers?

Between 30 and 50% of contact lens wearers experience symptoms of ocular discomfort, although at the moment the cause is unknown. Now, researchers from the Ocular Surface Group of the Institute of Applied Ophthalmology (IOBA) of the University of Valladolid, the Center for Biomedical Research in Network in Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BNN) in Spain, […]

The Bionic lenses that will give you a superhuman vision within 8 minutes

Forget eye glasses and contact lenses! Ocumetics Technology Corporation has developed an intraocular bionic lens capable of restoring vision at all distances. The goal of this product is to provide a better 20/20 view for life. Who was going to tell us that it would be possible to have a perfect vision with 100 years? […]