Sony Introduces the World’s Fastest SD Card

Its official new Sony World’s Fastest SD Card are compatible with the high-speed interface UHS-II (which has a second row of connectors to accelerate the transfer of data on compatible devices while still working with the rest). The speed achieved by Sony puts their cards very close to the theoretical maximum that can be reached using this standard defined by the SD Association, which plays ceiling at 312 MB / s.

For their performance, these cards are especially interesting for people who want to capture video in 4K format with a DSLR camera or without a mirror of the latest generation.

The launch of the SF-G allows Sony to punch the table and regain the leading role in the market for high-performance memory cards. Their closest rivals are SanDisk and Lexar with the Extreme Pro UHS-II and Professional 2000x UHS-II, respectively, which have the same read speed but lag behind when writing data with a 260 MB / s record. A fact that can be interesting depending on the performance of the device in which they are to be used.

Sony will offer its SF-G cards in 32, 64 and 128 GB versions starting this spring, without for now the company has provided a price list. As a reference, their rivals move around 100 and 150 euros if we talk about 64GB cards.

The new SD cards of Sony are the Usain Bolt

World's Fastest SD Card

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Today’s every devices require more and more data read and write speeds, so cards need to be ready to be able to operate with large volumes of data per second being efficient. Sony knows that one of the factors that improve the experience is the speed, and that is why it presents the fastest SD card in the world.

As the Android Authority reports, the Japanese company has created the “SF-G Series UHS-II” range, which has three cards that have the same technical characteristics but differ in size: 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. These SD cards are class or Speed ​​Class 10, which means that the minimum writing speed is 10 MB / s. But they are also class 3 UHS Speed ​​Class, which guarantees a minimum of 30 MB / s.? It is a speed that guarantees the maximum performance in the camera when taking a burst of hundreds of photographs in a row (during a soccer match, for example). As well as being an essential feature to record 4K videos with a high Frame rate per second. This speed of the World’s Fastest SD Card, of course, must necessarily be accompanied by a camera to match the circumstances.

Reading and writing at infarct speed with traditional design

These cards are able to achieve up to 299 MB / s write speed, so they can meet note their work on the most leading cameras with 4K, for example. As for reading data, they reach 300 MB / s. All this translates into a less time to transfer, which is what we are looking for today.

The design of these gazelles of the memory is the conventional one. That is to say, that present the weight and the dimensions that we find in the rest of SD cards. But as speed and capacity are not everything, Sony has provided this new family with resistance to water and shock, as well as extreme temperatures (-25ºC to 85ºC), as well as X-rays (if the See Superman).

Availability and price of the World’s Fastest SD Card

Sony has announced that its new SD cards will be available for sale in March. But has not shed light on how much it will cost to get them. What has confirmed is that they will reach the market with support UHS-II, which will take advantage of these speeds of USB 3.1 interface.

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